Projects encompass initiatives, ideas, and a team of contributors that give members an opportunity to freely test theories and ideas with the professional advice and support of CSNP. Every project is encouraged to have a channel in our Global Slack Workspace. Most projects choose to host and maintain their content in our GitHub organization. 

The vast majority of our projects are open source and are researched and developed by our contributors from a diverse set of backgrounds - like you! Maintainers are individuals responsible for overseeing execution, maintenance, and roadmap for the project. R&D Managers promote our projects through our local chapters & outreach program; they also build teams through mentorship and technology expertise.  

Open Source


Project Maturity

Our project maturity models are roughly based on the tiers outlined in the bestselling book, Crossing the Chasm. Through using project maturity levels, we hope to best match members with projects that would allow them to make the most impact.  

Research Projects: The CSNP Research Project designation is the entry point for early stage projects that are still being fleshed out and serves as a proving ground for ideas. It is our stance that early stage projects are a great entryway for those looking to learn new skills. 

  • Intended Audience: Innovators, Learners, and newcomers; “techies” 

Incubating Projects: The CSNP Incubating Project designation is given to projects that demonstrated their sustainability through contributions and a roadmap. These projects must pass a review from our R&D review board. 

  • Intended Audience: Early Adopters; “visionaries” 

Flagship Projects: The CSNP Flagship Project designation is given to projects that have demonstrated strategic value to the organization and our mission to promote cybersecurity education and awareness. These projects must pass a review from our executive board. 

  • Intended Audience: Early Majority and beyond; “pragmatists” 

  • As an organization dedicated to promoting cybersecurity awareness, our projects are naturally cybersecurity-related; however, we do welcome projects of any kind – even those not related to the security field! 

  • While we do welcome technical individuals to become contributors, projects and people are not limited to being of a technical nature. CSNP supports anyone who would like the support of a worldwide professional community to develop or test an idea. 

  • To submit a project, please fill out this form. We will be in touch!