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CSNP’s mission is to provide free education and resources in order to make cyber security more accessible, inclusive and diverse. In accordance with that mission, CSNP is excited to announce its first Cybersecurity bootcamp! 15 highly motivated individuals will be selected to participate in an intensive interactive 8-week bootcamp, at no cost to them. All course work can be completed in the evenings and weekends. CSNP is partnering with Code Fellows for this opportunity and will follow a curriculum that will prepare students for a successful career in Cybersecurity. For this pilot cohort, we encourage women and underrepresented minorities in Cybersecurity to apply.  

What the Bootcamp will Cover 

The aim of CSNP’s bootcamp is to prepare individuals to enter the cybersecurity field. The bootcamp will take novice IT professionals and provide them with the tools and skillset to transition into a cybersecurity role. At the completion of this 8-week bootcamp individuals can expect to be familiar with the following: 

  • Security Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Security Controls and Frameworks 

  • Compliance and Regulatory Laws   

  • Threat Actor Types and Attack Vectors 

  • Threat Intelligence and OSINT Technologies 

  • Hands up training with Vulnerabilities Scanners 

  • Basic Understanding of Cryptography and Public Key Exchanges 

  • IAM and Privilege Account Management 

  • Indepth Understanding of Network Traffic Analysis and SIEM Tools 

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing and Basic Best Security Practices 

  • Overview of Data Privacy and Data Protection 

Where Will the Bootcamp be Held 

Location: Virtual, anyone in the US. Live Webinar will be held weekly, with on-demand content available as well. 

Who Should Apply  

Anyone in the US with an educational or professional background required, career interest in cybersecurity and a professional resume. A minimum of three - five hours a week will be required to complete the bootcamp. 


Application Deadline:  August 31st 

Acceptance Notifications: Acceptance notifications will be sent out via email 

Program Begins: September 26th 2022 


Applicants will be asked to fill out a brief application form as well as take an assessment exam. Applicants' acceptance will be performed via panel review. 

We are no longer accepting applications for this bootcamp. 

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