Innovation is a key element of success and progress. We support innovation in security and technology by providing resources to open source projects. 




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We support innovative initiatives by members, volunteers, and open-source contributors in developing and improving new services or products.


We are kicking off the program with a focus on open-source software efforts, currently hosted on our Github.

We are an incubator for ideas and projects.

Innovation Leaders


Eric Evans

R&D Director

Charles Peters-National Board.jpeg

Charles Peters

R&D Review Board Chair


We are looking for ideators, project managers, electronics tinkerers, makers, data scientists, risk managers, software engineers (frontend/backend), webmasters, and more who would like to be involved in researching and developing projects!


If you are interested or have any ideas that you would like to share with CSNP, let us know.

Why contribute to CSNP R&D?

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The CyberSecurity Non-Profit's Research & Development Division (CSNP R&D) is composed of security professionals, makers, and developers who are passionate about making cybersecurity knowledge and training accessible. CSNP R&D gives aspiring projects a platform with:  



With thousands of members and growing fast, our global events and local chapters match R&D projects with users.  



Newcomers and student have a chance to be a contributor to our R&D projects with a low barrier for entry. Our R&D division works closely with our Outreach division to promote education 



Technological resources and mentorship are available for R&D projects 


Projects can be highlighted in our regular chapter meetings or weekly webinar 


CSNP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting cybersecurity education and awareness. We operate on a global level