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Our Team

Meet the leaders driving our mission at the global level. 
Emily Stamm
Emily Stamm

President & Cofounder

Andy Wagner.jpg
Andy Wagner

Communications Director

Amadou Barrow
Amadou Barrow

Africa Associate Director

Abdel Fane
Abdel Sy Fane

Chief Business Officer & Cofounder

Elaine Harris

Education Director

Ajeya Chakraborty.JPG
Ajeya Chakraborty

Creative Designer

April Uzzle
April Uzzle

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Director

Andrea Kim
Andrea Kim

Accessibility Director & Cofounder

Shree Mukhopadhyaya.png
Shree Mukhopadhyaya

Chief Financial Officer

Oluseyi Akinlolu
Oluseyi Akinlolu

Africa Director

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