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Our Team

Meet the leaders driving our mission at the global level. 
Abdel Fane
Abdel Sy Fane

Acting President & Cofounder

April Uzzle
April Uzzle

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Director

Andrea Kim
Andrea Kim

Accessibility Director & Cofounder

Elaine Harris

VP of Operations and Strategy

Zarina Headshot.jpg
Zarina Harrison

Recruitment and Onboarding Director

Christopher Thomas.png
Christopher Thomas

Cyber Safety Specialist

Andy Wagner.jpg
Andy Wagner

VP of Communications and PR

Ashley Richardson.png
Ashley Richardson

Associate Education Director

Ajeya Chakraborty.JPG
Ajeya Chakraborty

Creative Designer

Margaret Ellis.png
Dr. Margaret Ellis

VP of CSNP-Africa

Marta Wang.jpg
Marta Wang

Associate Education Director

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