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CSNP-Africa is our special empowerment platform to equip young people across the continent of Africa with critical training in technology and security

The Problem

Africa has a youth problem of massive proportion. According to the UN’s demographic projections, almost 60% of Africa’s population in 2019 is under the age of 25, making Africa the world’s youngest continent. However, there is a massive joblessness among this youth population.  In addition, there is a widespread mismatch between education and employers’ needs which accounts for more college graduates going jobless compared to less educated youth. 

Our Solution

We facilitate the training of eligible candidates in programming languages, software development, open-source initiatives, and cybersecurity education. We provide guidance, networking opportunities, and support to budding application developers and technology entrepreneurs. We empower and support small businesses (social entrepreneurs) with cybersecurity training resources. 

Our Goal

Our contributions will facilitate job creations through our pool of individuals, groups, and businesses that will deliver world class solutions to bridge institutional voids.

Leaders of CSNP-Africa

Oluseyi Akinlolu
Oluseyi Akinlolu .jpg
Amadou Barrow
Associate Director
Amadou Barrow - Africa-Dallas.png
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