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Securing the Digital Future of Africa

To achieve African Union's Agenda 2063 vision of a secure and prosperous future, investing in cybersecurity is essential. 

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$4 Billion

lost annually in Africa to cybercrime.1


average weekly cyber attacks per African organization.2


African businesses do not have necessary cybersecurity.3 


South Africans say a friend or family has been a victim of a scam.4

The Technological Evolution

The accelerated evolution of technology in Africa presents a monumental opportunity for the continent to achieve an integrated and prosperous continent, as outlined in the African Union's Agenda 2063. Internet usage has grown significantly throughout Africa in recent years, indicating valuable technological progress with immense economic potential. While this technological advancement offers numerous benefits and opportunities, it is vital to acknowledge the associated risks of increased technology exposure. Prioritizing cybersecurity is essential for companies, organizations, individuals, and governments to ensure a secure future aligned with the continent's aspirations.

CSNP's Three-Tier Strategy


Cybersecurity Training

Technical training for cybersecurity professionals is essential to secure organizations. CSNP offers a variety of training from introduction to computer operations to advanced cybersecurity engineering that can benefit organizations and the African job market.


Cyber Awareness

Cyber threats impact everyone, and so having awareness of best practices including securing accounts effectively and recognizing social engineering is crucial. CSNP provides presentations, workshops, phishing campaigns, and other informative content to empower individuals in to defend themselves against cyber threats.


Cybersecurity Advisory

CSNP's expert advisory team can provide tailored guidance to organizations, particularly governments and educational institutions, for strengthening, protecting, and expanding their systems.

Conrad Keya, Emily Stamm, an Abdel Sy Fane in convesation in front of ECOSOCC banner
Group of people standing in front of African Union ECOSOCC banner

Learn More about Cybersecurity in Africa and CSNP's Three-Tier Strategy

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Watch Abdel Sy Fane present at the AU Event on Democracy and Digital Governance

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