Break into Cybersecurity

If you are looking to explore a career in cyber security you are in the right place. Whether you are a student or an experienced professional there are several resources to help you decide whether Cyber Security is the one for you. Below is a list of curated content to help you guide on what this industry is about, how to break in and make your mark.


CSNP Resources

  1. Blogs on cyber security careers for beginners

  2. Launch a career in Cyber Security in 2021 -

  3. CSNP led trainings -

Resources online

  1. Excellent guide to various career paths available in cyber security

  2. Understand various cyber security career paths

  3. Curated Cybersec resources -

  4. Cyber security conferences throughout the year -

  5. Red team tools collection -

  6. Several free resources by SANS (webcast/White papers/Training Materials) -

  7. Entry to cyber blue print -


General & DEI communities

  1. Group to find mentors for various cyber career path

  2. Global community for women in security (Chapters available across states/countries)

  3. Other Diversity communities




  4. Online resources about cybersec communities & forums