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Join us on Discord

Your Ultimate Cybersecurity Hub!

At CSNP (Cybersecurity Non-Profit), we're thrilled to extend our vibrant community of cybersecurity enthusiasts onto Discord – the most interactive platform where you can be the first to know about everything we do! While we continue to engage with you through our traditional social media channels, Discord stands out by offering an unparalleled interactive experience. Here, you'll not only hear our latest announcements but also engage in meaningful conversations with a global community passionate about cybersecurity, ranging from beginners to industry experts.

Why Join us on Discord?

  • Immediate Updates: Be the first to learn about CSNP events, blogs, cyber safety tips, and much more directly through Discord notifications.

  • Resources at Your Fingertips: Whether you're new to the cybersecurity world or looking to deepen your knowledge, CSNP offers an abundance of FREE resources. Dive into our curated content, including training materials, Cybersecurity Trivia, the engaging "Backdoors and Breaches" Incident Response card game, and so much more.

  • Interactive Live Chats: Participate in live chats during our events, providing you with the unique opportunity to ask direct questions to leading experts in the cybersecurity field.

  • Networking Opportunities: Meet and connect with fellow cybersecurity enthusiasts from all levels of expertise. Whether you're seeking advice, sharing knowledge, or just looking for a cybersecurity buddy, you'll find a welcoming community on Discord.

  • Exclusive Job and Volunteer Opportunities: Get access to the latest job postings and exciting volunteer opportunities within the cybersecurity realm.

  • Collaborate and Grow: Engage in collaborations with other cybersecurity special interest groups, expanding your network and knowledge base.

  • More Fun, No Cost: Enjoy fun features on Discord that you would typically pay for on other platforms, including cybersecurity memes, dad jokes, book recommendations, and even sharing pictures of your dogs – all for FREE!

Code of Conduct

Please note that our code of conduct applies to Discord. 

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