Become a volunteer with CSNP! As our international non-profit expands, we are looking for passionate, enterprising, committed professionals to join our team. We seek cybersecurity enthusiasts to fill a variety of roles within our organization. If you're interested apply today.
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Marketing & Communications 

​We are actively looking for people to join our marketing, communications, and organization teams. Roles include:

  • Marketing Manager - manage one or more of the following:

    • Design and distribute merchandise

    • Web design

    • Manage social media like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter

    • Create CSNP and general cybersecurity content 

    • Manage event advertisement platforms like Hootsuite, Meetup, and Eventbrite

  • Marketing Director​: Oversee the marketing department and direct marketing communications between marketing and other departments​

  • Associate Communications Director: develop internal/external communications tactics and strategies that lead to measurable action and engagement

  • Communications Lead: support communications across all CSNP chapters, departments​, members, speakers, and sponsors

  • Organizational Lead: support global and chapter organizational matters across CSNP

Research & Development

Our new research and development (R&D) department promotes and supports innovation. We have an open-source project and we provide resources for innovative security and other technical projects. 

  • Contributors:  contribute projects and ideas. 

  • Maintainers: oversee execution, maintenance, and roadmap for a project.

  • R&D Managers: promote our projects through our local chapters & outreach program;

Outreach & Education

​Our community outreach department is growing, and we're looking for people who want to help people get into the security career or provide general cyber safety information to students, adults, and organizations.

  • Manage, host, or participate in Podcast

  • Lead and organize community outreach programs in your community such as having events in schools or on cyber safety

  • Create or help with programs to support women or minorities in security

  • Create educational content such as videos, blogs, website text, and presentations

  • Lead workshops or give presentations 


We are looking for passionate volunteers who want to help with existing chapters or create new chapters. Being a chapter lead is a great way to give back and establish yourself as a leader in your security community. 

  • President/Vice President: Ensure the success of the chapter, find sponsors, speakers, and venues, and host events

  • Secretary: Document information about the chapter, events, and speakers, and assist the marketing department with social media

  • Treasurer: Manage the financial aspects of the chapter

  • Lead: Assist with finding sponsors, speakers, and venues

  • Organizer: Assist with organizing the events like checking people in 

We are especially looking for volunteers in Philidelphia and Indianapolis. ​

Leadership & Business

We are looking for passionate leaders to help us run the organization at a national and global level. Positions include

  • CFO

  • Outreach Program Director

  • Business Development