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CSNP July Newsletter

Summer Safety Takes More Than Sunscreen

As the sun shines brighter and the days are long, we want to ensure your online experiences remain secure and enjoyable. Even if you're not off to a little vacay to the coast, everyone could use a good beach read. We’re here for you.

In this edition, you can read about our exciting conversations to support cybersecurity efforts in the African Union, you can check out the latest blog posts related to EDR Telemetry and building a threat hunting lab, and you can find out more on how to register for Monday's Q&A Webinar with Director of Product Security Naomi Buckwalter. Plus, a special summer-themed meme of the month!

We hope you’re getting time to recharge your batteries and feel energized for the rest of 2023. While you are, your CSNP community is working hard to continue to promote cybersecurity awareness and pull together helpful educational updates. And don’t forget to join the conversation through our socials to share your experiences and learn from fellow enthusiasts who are passionate about protecting themselves and others.

Aiding the African Union in its Effort to Ensure Online Security for the Continent

The accelerated evolution of technology in Africa presents a monumental opportunity for the continent to achieve an integrated and prosperous continent, as outlined in the African Union's Agenda 2063. CSNP co-founders Abdel Sy Fane and Emily Stamm were in Nairobi this week presenting at the African Union ECOSOCC Annual Citizens Forum on Democracy and Digital Governance.

Internet usage has grown significantly throughout Africa in recent years, indicating valuable technological progress with immense economic potential. While this technological advancement offers numerous benefits and opportunities, it is vital to acknowledge the associated risks of increased technology exposure. Prioritizing cybersecurity is essential for companies, organizations, individuals, and governments to ensure a secure future aligned with the continent's aspirations.

EDR Telemetry Project: A Comprehensive Comparison

by Kostas

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) telemetry refers to the data collected and transmitted by products and tools. Designed to monitor, detect, and respond to potential threats and suspicious activities on endpoints (such as computers, servers, and other devices within a network), EDR products have become essential to organizations’ cybersecurity strategies. Understanding the telemetry provided by these products is crucial for building additional detections and conducting threat hunting

Build a Threat Hunting Lab, Installing and Configuring

Elasticsearch and Kibana - by Laiali Kazalbach and Mohamed Elsayed

This intermediate level instructional offers a step-by-step walkthrough and shares what you need in order to build a threat hunting lab yourself.

Commemorating Disability Pride Month, Getting Involved

This month's Cyber Safety blog post from Jonathan Gonzalez and Candace Moix talks about the importance of inclusivity in the field of cybersecurity and shares more about organizations offering opportunities to participate, including CISA's Project Access, which offers cyber safety education to those with visual impairment.

Coming soon

Stay tuned for our upcoming blog post, "Unraveling the Where: A Deep Dive into Geolocation (GEOINT) for OSINT."

Visit the CSNP blog page to see the latest and read through the expansive archive.

Contrast Security's Naomi Buckwalter Q&A on July 17

Naomi Buckwalter, CISSP CISM, is the Director of Product Security for Contrast Security and author of the LinkedIn course: “Training today for tomorrow's solutions - Building the Next Generation of Cybersecurity Professionals”. She is also the founder and Executive Director of Cybersecurity Gatebreakers Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to closing the demand gap in cybersecurity hiring. She has over 20 years' experience in IT and Security and has held roles in Software Engineering, Security Architecture, Security Engineering, and Security Executive Leadership. As a cybersecurity career adviser and mentor for people around the world, her passion is helping people, particularly women, get into cybersecurity. Naomi has two Masters degrees from Villanova University and a Bachelors of Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.

Check Out Last Month's Webinar

Top 5 Security Awareness Mistakes According to Behavior Science

85% of successful data breaches are the result of human behavior. To develop an effective security awareness program, security professionals need to understand social and behavioral psychology, human cognition, change management and even advertising. In this talk, Cybersecurity Behavior Change Consultant Abdul-Rahman Elshafei cited 5 studies from social psychology and behavioral sciences explaining why these mistakes would hinder positive change in employee’s behavior and negatively impact your security awareness efforts. Real-world examples included.

Coming soon!

Watch for announcements about a Backdoors and Breaches Night in September and Cyber Security Virtual Trivia Night in October!

Catch up on previous webinars here.

Blog Writers Wanted

Got something to share in the CSNP blog?CSNP wants to hear from you. Be a part of CSNP's mission in providing free educational cybersecurity resources. Submit a blog! Ideas for future blog posts can be technical–such as how-to’s for security tools–or fit any number of subjects (cyber threat intelligence, digital forensics, governance, risk and compliance, and, as always, diversity in cybersecurity).

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