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Cybersecurity Education is Year-Round

It's that time of year when fresh-faced students head back to the classroom after a summer off. Here at CSNP, we know that cybersecurity can never take a break. That's why one of our main tenets has always been to provide education every month.

Our back-to-school theme is especially apropos this month, as we're excited to continue our youth education with a special Cybersecurity Saturday for Middle Schoolers (designed for children ages 10-14), hosted on the platform. This event was held on August 19th. Middle schoolers had the oppourtunity to dive into the world of cybersecurity, taking part in a customized virtual escape game.

And if you're new to CSNP, want to introduce someone else to our nonprofit, or you just want to get some face time with our team, tune in for a presentation from CSNP's leadership, where you'll hear about how we're working hard for you, and where you'll have an opportunity to ask your burning questions. Submit your questions here. Read more in our Webinars section below.

But first, take a look at our Focused Feature. You might recall our reporting last month that CSNP founders Emily Stamm and Abdel Sy Fane flew to Kenya for a presentation at the African Union ECOSOCC Citizens Forum on Democracy and Digital Governance to help explore the risks and opportunities for the continent to address cybersecurity threats and challenges. This month, we share the presentation that took place in Nairobi on July 11.

Class is in session!

African Union Presentation: Securing the Digital Future of Africa

On July 11, 2023, CSNP Chief Business Officer and co-founder Abdel Sy Fane presented at the African Union ECOSOCC Citizens Forum on Democracy and Digital Governance in Nairobi, Kenya. In this talk, Abdel explored the opportunities and risks of technology in Africa. He discussed the expanding use of technology and its economic potential, along with the cybersecurity challenges faced by the continent. Abdel highlighted the need for cybersecurity readiness and introduced the three-tier strategy of the CSNP organization. He analyzed African cyber threats, including ransomware, social engineering, disinformation, and weak privacy policies, and explained CSNP's security training program, cyber awareness initiatives, and cybersecurity advisory services. (Additional thanks to Dr. Margaret Ellis (Founder of COIF) and Emily Stamm (President & co-founder of CSNP)).

InfoSec Community Outreach Tips, Part 1: Public Libraries - by Tracy Z. Maleeff

(originally published on Medium)

It’s not unusual for public librarians to take on responsibilities akin to being a social worker, a tax form consultant, and maybe even a therapist in addition to their regular responsibilities. That's asking a lot. It would be challenging for them to be a source of Information Security, too. But not for many of you. Help educate and empower communities by giving an InfoSec talk at a library.

In this post--the first in a series of instructions and tips on how to present a basic “Information Security 101”--Senior Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence Analyst and principal of Sherpa Intelligence LLC Tracy Maleeff, shares a number of helpful steps on how to bring your valuable expertise to your community. Read the full blog here.

Amateur Insights: The Road to Cyber - by Catarina Pottle

The CSNP blog series Across the Gender Spectrum, where cybersecurity professionals share career advice and insights, continues with this post from recent Associate of Applied Science in Cybersecurity graduate Catarina Pottle, who shares the opportunities and challenges she's experienced that have allowed her to expand her understanding of what it means to be a woman in cybersecurity and to get a sense of what lies ahead. Her biggest takeaway, "Apply for every opportunity no matter how slim the chances seem. You never know, someone may give that helping hand you need."

Read about Catarina's journey, how she made a scary and difficult to change in career paths, choosing to pursue cybersecurity education with "little to no knowledge of computers and networking".

Visit the CSNP blog page to see the latest and read through the expansive archive.

Register Today! CSNP: Empowering the World through Accessible Cybersecurity

Dive into the world of cybersecurity with us on Wednesday, Aug. 23

Discover how CSNP is championing the cause: from curated trivia for pros to hands-on day camps for kids, all the way to forging impactful partnerships in Africa. This is more than just an event–it's an opportunity to interact directly with the thought leaders of CSNP during a dynamic Q&A session. Submit your questions in advance here.

📅 Date: Wednesday, Aug. 23, 6 p.m. CDT

🌐 Location: Virtual - Log in from anywhere!

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We can't wait to see you there and journey together in promoting a safer and more inclusive cyber world!

Check Out Last Month's Webinar

Contrast Security's Naomi Buckwalter Q&A

Naomi Buckwalter, CISSP CISM, is the Director of Product Security for Contrast Security and author of the LinkedIn course: “Training today for tomorrow's solutions - Building the Next Generation of Cybersecurity Professionals”. She is also the founder and Executive Director of Cybersecurity Gatebreakers Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to closing the demand gap in cybersecurity hiring.

She has over 20 years' experience in IT and Security and has held roles in Software Engineering, Security Architecture, Security Engineering, and Security Executive Leadership.

As a cybersecurity career adviser and mentor for people around the world, her passion is helping people, particularly women, get into cybersecurity. Naomi has two Masters degrees from Villanova University and a Bachelors of Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.Click here to watch.

Catch up on previous webinars here.

Zarina Harrison Joins CSNP Leadership Team

CSNP is thrilled to welcome its newest member of the leadership team: Zarina Harrison, Director of Onboarding and Recruitment.

Zarina is a talent acquisition pro with more than a decade of experience in recruiting and organizational development. Her expertise in talent management, organizational development, and the technology sector has enabled innovation through service to others. She's been driven to developing high-performing teams and providing strategic solutions that align with organizational objectives, and she is committed to helping us grow the CSNP team internally to support our external growth.

"I am inspired to join CSNP because of its mission of providing access to technology resources and education to diverse communities worldwide. With my passion for corporate citizenship and volunteer initiatives, I have successfully implemented internship programs and outreach initiatives in partnership with the Nevada Department of Veterans Services, resulting in the hiring of service veterans nationwide.

My commitment to community-driven projects and strategic collaborations–as seen through my work with the Governor’s State Workforce Development Board and placement of more than 300 qualified job seekers–aligns with CSNP's objectives. I am excited to contribute my skills toward positively impacting underserved communities." With a passion for volunteering and corporate citizenship—and incredible energy and great ideas on what she sees she can bring to CSNP—we know she’s an excellent addition to the team

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