7 Sure-Fire Ways to Make it Big in Information Security

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Author Charles Chibueze

The Information Security career space is a hot one right now and is slowly becoming competitive. Despite the increasing demand for professionals in this field, not all opportunities are actually “hot” in the sense that the job satisfaction is relative.

To gain satisfaction by getting the right opportunities, one has to stand out from the crowd. In this post, I’ll show you seven proven, sure-fire ways that you can make it big in Information Security.

Let’s roll:

1. Evaluate your passion for the game

Many folks rush head on into cybersecurity thinking they’ll make loads of quick bucks after just a short while. Although this case might be true for a select few, Information Security is quite challenging and the rewards only come after you’ve built your profile over a period of time. Passion is what drives you to keep going in Information Security when you hit a brick wall. Passion is what revives you when you experience burn out. If monetary reward is your primary driver, then you might not survive the game.

Question to ask yourself: Am I in this for passion or for the money?

2. Stay hungry and curious

The average Information Security professional puts in extra hours after work doing research, keeping up to date with trends and best practices, finding out new ways of doing things and practicing in his/her lab environment. This usually puts you ahead of others as no knowledge gained is wasted. You’ll definitely need this knowledge someday without any prior notice and you’ll be required to deliver it in a flash.

You’ve got to keep consuming relevant content to keep you ahead of your peers and abreast of current trends and happenings in this space. This content can be found in books, YouYube, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning and other educational platforms.

Never stop learning!

Question to ask yourself: Am I putting in the extra time and effort to consume relevant educational content that will increase my knowledge base and advance my skill set?

3. Network! Network!! Network!!

What if I told you that all of the jobs I've ever worked in Information Security were as a result of a referral? Yup. You heard right. When you’re in a community of Information Security pros, find time to network and subtly advertise yourself. Always render help when you can. Try to solve people’s problems. Engage relevant, Information Security related posts on social media and try to give your own opinion. Attend meetups and conferences no matter how big or small. You never know who you’ll meet someday. The jobs you never get to hear about are the ones where a fellow staff member is doing the head hunting himself/herself. They’ll always reach out to someone competent, who they already know. That’s where you come in. Advertise yourself subtly by talking about what can you do and solve problems for free using your knowledge and skill set. This way, you unconsciously enter into the candidate register of prospective hiring managers. Next time a vacancy comes up, guess who’s getting buzzed first?