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Empowering Narratives: A Young Black Woman pivots from TV Producer to Cybersecurity Marketer

As I type these words today, I revel in the journey from network TV producer to cybersecurity marketer. As the daughter of techies and nearly two decades of network moves around the country, pivoting towards cyber was easy.

Why cyber? There are so many parallels. At the heart of every news story is a narrative crafted to connect, engage, and inform audiences. As a producer, I navigated the complexities of tight deadlines and unexpected developments while maintaining engagement with audiences. It was cool being a master of story creation, turning even the most complex and nuanced stories into digestible formats. Despite being highly technical, cybersecurity needs the same approach to effectively market its products and services.So it's easy to see how skills nurtured in such an intense environment aren't just transferable—they can open doors to exciting new career paths, like cybersecurity marketing.

TL/DR: Producing is storytelling, which is critical for cybersecurity.Despite the increasing number of women breaking into the tech world, the scarcity of Black women in these spaces is hard to ignore. I'm aware of the many battles still to be won, not just for myself but also for the bright Black girls and young women considering stepping into this space. Yes, the road will be fraught with obstacles and detractors, but I assure you, there's space for us here. I'm with a team that understands WE rise together. My team doesn't only aim to attract everyone - we want to make everyone feel seen and heard.

Yes, we're unicorns, but we're not alone. Your people are out there.

As someone who dedicates her time to mentoring and empowering the youth, it's not lost on me that I now serve as an industry torchbearer, encouraging and inspiring other young, aspiring, and bold women of color to venture into this riveting world.

So, to anyone contemplating a career in cybersecurity, do not hold back. Embrace the unfamiliar, seize opportunities, and conquer challenges. Be a beacon, a force, a leader, and always remain true to yourself.

About the Author: Naki Carter is a data-driven Marketing Lead who oversees SCYTHE's field marketing communications, cybersecurity events/sponsorships, digital media communications & social media platforms. She is a trusted and proven multi-disciplined professional who develops and implements hyper-targeted marketing campaigns highlighting brand content, solutions and leadership. In addition, Naki is a former Emmy award-winning news producer for CNN, HLN, CBS, FOX, and ABC News.

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