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CSNP’s Education Department and Cyber Safety Initiative - Revving up in 2023  

Welcome to 2023! For the past couple of years, the Education Department has had to scale back on activities due to the pandemic. Things are about to change! The Education Department and Cyber Safety Initiative are working diligently, and we have awesome plans for 2023.

Call for Volunteers

The Education Department is expanding, and we need volunteers. We are currently searching for two Cybersecurity Blog Managers and a Cybersecurity Webinar Manager. These positions are UNPAID. They will require approx. 5 hours of your time, each week. These roles will not focus solely on the webinars and blogs. Volunteers will also be expected to assist with project planning and virtual activities throughout the year. Follow us on LinkedIn. We will be posting the job descriptions and applications soon. If you do not want to wait for the job postings, you may fill out the Volunteer form. Please note which position you are interested in.

We will continue to bring you blogs about many Cybersecurity topics. There are also plans for two separate blog series. These blogs will put the spotlight on cybersecurity professionals across the gender spectrum and cybersecurity professionals who are people of color. We hope to bring your attention to the writers’ struggles and accomplishments as they continue their journey in Cybersecurity. If you are interested in submitting a blog for either of these series, you may do so using the blog submission form or reach out to me on LinkedIn or Slack.

CSNP is always looking for cybersecurity blog writers and webinar speakers (any cybersecurity topic and level of technical difficulty) Below are the links to review our current blogs and past webinars.

2023 will also bring more virtual events. We want to become more involved with our members and bring everyone together for a fun and educational experience. We are excited and planning is currently underway.

Feedback and questions are always welcome. You may reach out to me on LinkedIn or email (Attention Education Dept). You can also find me on the CSNP Slack Community. If you have not already joined, please do. Cyber Safety Initiative

The Cyber Safety Initiative will also be recruiting volunteers. We hope to fill Associate Director, Manager, and Cyber Safety Specialist roles within the first quarter. Job descriptions are currently in development, but if you have interest in applying, please fill out the Volunteer form and indicate which position you would like to be considered for. These roles will guide the Initiative through strategic partnership development, content creation, and public outreach.

If you know of an organization interested in partnering with our organization to improve cybersecurity and cyber safety awareness, please feel free to reach out (Attention Cyber Safety Initiative).

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