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Empowering the Next Generation in Cybersecurity

Welcome to my world, where cybersecurity and children’s literature intertwine to create something extraordinary. Today, I want to share with you the story behind my book, ‘See Yourself in Cybersecurity’, and how this unique project is igniting a spark in the younger generation.

A heartfelt mission and true labor of love ‘See Yourself in Cybersecurity’ isn’t just a book; it’s a mission close to my heart. It’s a journey through the vibrant and ever-evolving world of cybersecurity, designed to inspire middle-grade and high-school age children. But why did I choose to write this book?

The answer is simple. I believe in the potential of the younger generation. I wanted to show them that the cybersecurity industry isn’t just for a select few; it’s a space where all the diverse characters represented in the book, from across the globe, belong. There are countless paths and domains to explore in cybersecurity, and I wanted to make sure they knew about it.

Almost every day, I receive inquiries from aspiring professionals on platforms such as LinkedIn. They’re eager to join the cybersecurity field, but many of them don’t realize the breadth of opportunities it offers. That’s where ‘See Yourself in Cybersecurity’ comes in. If that fact and reality isn’t apparent to those aspiring to be in the field who are adults, how can the next generation those in middle and school aspire to be in the industry? It’s my tool to inspire and inform, helping the next generation envision a future in this exciting and ever-evolving industry.

My journey into the world of cybersecurity is a blog for another day but I’m an immigrant from Ethiopia, a mother of four, and a career changer from the legal field. Along the way, I’ve earned my stripes as a multi-award-winning cybersecurity advocate, a TEDx Speaker, and a LinkedIn Learning instructor. I’ve also authored three award-winning children’s books, including "Oh, No … Hacked Again!" – a children’s book that teaches kids (aged 6-14) about online safety and sparks interest in young readers the exciting world of cybersecurity. My first children’s book is titled, "Proud in Her Hijab" champions girls’ empowerment, diversity and inclusion.

If there’s one thing I hope readers take away from ‘See Yourself in Cybersecurity’, is the cybersecurity industry thrives on diverse perspectives. Through the book’s characters, I want young readers to see that people from all walks of life belong in the industry. I want to inspire a sense of limitless possibility, encouraging them to explore the various avenues within this expansive field. Ultimately, I want them to envision a future where they play a vital role in the ever-evolving industry of cybersecurity.

So, what’s next on my journey? I recently completed an anthology book project, collaborating with talented Black women in the cybersecurity and privacy field. We’re sharing our journeys and experiences in the industry, and you can expect the release of book in Jan 2024. I also have an upcoming LinkedIn Learning Course on Building Your Brand in Cybersecurity.

Thank you for reading!

Stay connected with me through my LinkedIn, and check my books for signed copies at my Website or from Amazon.

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