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Learning Cloud for Non-Technical Roles

Windows reflecting clouds

Several months ago I was given the incredible opportunity to work for a Cloud Engineering PMO. My background is mainly in Governance, Risk and Compliance and I was brought onto the team to assist with technology risk management.

I quickly realized that in order to work with Cloud engineers, I need to be able to speak their language. I started reading everything I could find online about the Cloud. It seemed like a steep learning curve at first. Luckily, I happened to attend an online event where the speaker mentioned she was studying for the AWS CCP (Certified Cloud Practitioner) exam. She also mentioned that the demand for Cloud computing skills is quickly growing in Cyber Security.

I decided to focus on learning more about on the AWS Cloud platform. I watched the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Course YouTube tutorials offered by Instructor Andrew Brown and attended online meetups for AWS beginners. I also enrolled in the free AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials course offered by AWS.

After learning how to create an AWS account, I learned how to navigate the AWS Management Console and explored several AWS services. Then I decided I was going to study for the AWS CCP exam, using Udemy as my study resource.

I recently passed the AWS CCP exam and now have a much better understanding of basic Cloud concepts. Having this newfound knowledge has helped tremendously in my job. The expectation to have basic Cloud knowledge will likely become very common even in non-technical jobs roles. Invest your time in learning Cloud computing. It’s worth it and will have a huge impact on advancing your skillset and your career.


About the author: Angeline Williams is an IT Consultant currently residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is fairly new to the world of Cyber Security and is thoroughly loving the cyber-learning process.

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